Satisfacción del Alumnado mediante Técnicas de Descubrimiento basadas en Lógica Fuzzy

About this project

Purpose or intention

Characterize the satisfaction of the students of the Faculty, according to the careers they are studying, by determining associated variables, through the discovery of relevant logical relationships in the form: "P -> Satisfaction"

Desired Outcome

  • Through the application of the Eureka-Universe software, it was possible to determine relevant variables related to the satisfaction of the students about university careers, which can contribute to the formulation of policies for improvement or institutional management

  • The Eureka-Universe tool can be valued as a facilitating resource in the discovery of relationships in the analyzes, given their complexity, using different Fuzzy Logic paradigms.

Process to achieve the goal, model building:

  • Student survey

  • Survey data pre-processing

  • Eurekas Universe software application for discovery tasks

  • Analysis and comparison of results with test data.

  • Summary of results and conclusions