International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Analytics - Eureka 2023 

Held on November 27 to 29, 2023, by the University of Jaen

The objective of the meeting is to share Hybridization and Transdisciplinary science studies and their application in Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Management, as well as Decision Making and Optimization. The dialogue regarding the exploration of synergies among the participants, which could be expressed in joint papers and projects, and the impact on the city and region where the meeting is organized are the most important objectives as it is the tradition of the Eureka’s congresses. Eurekas Community is characterized by the diversity and openness of the Computational Intelligence and Operations Research scientific communities, as well as General and Theoretical Hybridization as two of their more critical scientific strategies; these Virtual Meeting sessions are sure to be very important —as it is usual in Eureka— as an initiative towards interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary science by synergies of the participants.

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