The Iberian American network of Knowledge Discovery, was created in 2008 into the framework of the Iberian American Program of Science and Technology for Development (CYTED) as an Interdisciplinary network looking for Transdisciplinary Science and Technology useful for Business Intelligence in the Iberian American region. It is integrated by research groups of 11 Latin American Countries, Spain and Portugal. 



Eureka International Group Coordinators


Eureka international is a multidisciplinary network of scientific research groups of 18 countries in disciplines like Computational Intelligence, Operations Research, Business Informatics, Management Sciences, Economics, Engineering, Social Sciences, Environmental sciences and other fields. Their objective is creating through their synergy, trans-disciplinary science and holistic scientific analysis useful for Sustainable Development of regions and organizations with emphasis in mathematical and computational modeling and supporting.

They join efforts for obtaining funding from their institutions, as well as local, regional and international organizations through coordinated initiatives.

The network is coordinated by a ‘Coordination Group’ of colleagues with outstanding work into the network. A Coordination Board into it, formed by scientific leaders who joined scientific groups of groups into the network, coordinate the strategy and functioning of the network based in their consensus in communication with the coordination group and trough it to all the member groups.

Eureka International was created in 2013, anchoring Eureka Iberoamerica, with groups of other universities and institutions, principally European ones. All partner universities and some associates of Eureka SD have groups into Eureka International.

Each Eureka International group have a responsible of the tasks and activities of the network into the framework of the Eureka SD project and other projects they are involved.

Eureka INTERNATIONAL and Eureka Iberoamérica Coordinator

Dr.Rafael Espin



+52 667 244 4900 



List of the Scientific Committee 

Eureka SD

An especial role in Eureka International formation was played by Erasmus Mundus partnership project Eureka SD that is coordinated by University of Oldenburg, Germany, an extra-regional partner with prominent work into Eureka Iberoamerica network. The partners and associates of Eureka SD participate with groups of its 20 partner universities and its 40 associates into Eureka International Network. The partnership organizes a system of 315 mobilities of students and scientists among institutions of Latin American and European Union institutions, covering Mathematical and Computational Analysis and Modeling in all the Sustainable Development dimensions. This project has as its principal strategy of Sustainability, the constant improvement of the network Eureka International by the creation of trans disciplinary knowledge and scientific and innovation social tissue for it. An important role is played by the Eureka SD Scientific Committee, which plays an important role making the project the character of a scientific coordinated mobilities system and its coordination with Eureka Iberoamerica and Eureka International work. 

Eureka SD Coordinator and UOL coordinator

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jorge Marx Gómez


Uhlhornsweg, A4-3-315

+49 (0) 441 / 798 – 44 70

+49 (0) 441 / 798 – 44 72


Tuesday: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm (Please make an appointment at the Secretary)